Tough Outdoors 50°F Mummy Sleeping Bag Review

Tough Outdoors 50°F Mummy Sleeping Bag Review

In planning our warm-weather camping and hiking trips, comfort is of the utmost importance. Selecting gear that is lightweight and appropriate for the weather is critical to making sure that we enjoy the outdoors. This Tough Outdoors sleeping bag review aims to provide you with more details on this overall fantastic buy so read on!

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Weighing in under 1.5 pounds, I’m most impressed with how lightweight this bag is, which makes it perfect for warm weather backpacking trips. While this bag doesn’t weigh much, the fabrics used are both incredibly cozy and durable. The mummy structure also does a nice job of keeping your head off the ground and keeping you warm as the sun goes down.

Of course, I do recommend bringing a small camp pillow, as there isn’t much padding in the hood area of the bag. I’m fairly short, but I’ve heard from multiple people that this bag is incredibly comfortable for those that are taller or have broad shoulders, as well. According to the specs, this bag can fit individuals up to 6’6”, which is great for a sleeping bag of this weight!

While this bag is of great quality for the price, there is one drawback that you should be aware of prior to purchasing. Tough Outdoors names this a 50 degrees Fahrenheit sleeping bag but that might be a bit of a stretch. Actually, on further inspection you’ll find that it’s actually rated 55 Fahrenheit and the description on Amazon says that it’s for comfortable use ‘on temperatures above 60F’ – so go figure! Other than the temperature, I believe that the specs are pretty much up to standard and would be great for the casual and experienced camper alike.

Overall, I think that Tough Outdoors did some great work in creating this sleeping bag. Continue reading the rest of this Tough Outdoors mummy sleeping bag review to learn more about its usability, durability, and limitations.


Season Rating

Summer season – late spring – early fall

Best Use

Warm weather camping and backpacking trips. Thanks to the fact that it’s lightweight, Tough Outdoors sleeping bag is also great for hiking trips. Beginner campers may feel just a little bit too snug in this sleeping bag because it is mummy-style.


Very tiny and easy to carry in a backpack. Easy to compress, which is great if you’re traveling around a bit – it won’t burden you or add unnecessary weight that you need to lug around.

Materials and Durability

The two zippers don’t snag and the material feels high quality, especially for the price. The fill is synthetic and used sparingly to reduce weight – light and durable, that’s how I would describe this sleeping bag. Seams are tight and well done so I feel that this sleeping bag could be used for several years, provided you take good care of it. Tough Outdoors puts a one year guarantee on all of their sleeping bags, which means that they stand behind the durability of their product.


1.5 pounds – lightweight and perfect to carry in your backpack for hours. If you’re big on hiking or trekking and want something that won’t weigh you down, this is a perfect sleeping bag for you.


While Tough Outdoors claims that this sleeping bag is good down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, I would suggest only using this bag for warm weather camping. The thinner materials are incredibly comfortable and ideal to keep the bag lightweight, but may leave you feeling a little chilly if it’s a colder night.


This bag is an ideal, affordable option for the warm weather camper. It’s a great choice if you’re going to be doing lot of hiking or if you want a comfortable sleeping bag that fits well and feels lightweight. I hope that this review of the Tough Outdoors Mummy Sleeping Bag helps you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

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