Coleman Autumn Trails Sleeping Bag Review

Coleman Autumn Trails Sleeping Bag Review

If you’re over a certain height, a standard length sleeping bag might not accommodate you. The Coleman Autumn Trails is an sleeping bag for adults which gives you more room while being cheaper than your average king size sleeping bag. I recently had an opportunity to spend a night in it so here’s my Coleman Autumn Trails sleeping bag review!

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This sleeping bag is made for a tall adult, which makes it perfect for a backpacker or camper who needs a bit more room. It’s 84 inches long – that’s 7 feet – while remaining relatively light-weight thanks to its slim profile. Despite being marketed as “Big & Tall”, it’s not overly wide, coming in at around 39 inches. That means it’ll keep your body heat in when the temperature drops, even if you’re built like an NBA player.

It’s rated for use as low as 30 degrees, however, an over-sized bag at a low price isn’t going to be so cozy in sub 40 degree temperatures. This is largely due to the affordable synthetic insulation which is covered with brushed polyester. All in all, you’ll find it more than useful for casual use than extreme weather. Brushed polyester comes with the added benefit of not being as slippery as its nylon counterpart, so you won’t be sliding off your dorm bed or sleeping mat in the middle of the night.

The focus of this sleeping bag more comfort and ease than durability. With that in mind, you can find lots of extras on this bag. A softer, cushioned collar lines the top of the bag to prevent the polyester irritating your face. The full-length zip will open and close smoothly – you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck and ripping the lining. Although it’s built for one and not for sharing, you don’t need to sacrifice the flexibility of a two person sleeping bag. You can simply expand it by zipping two bags together and making it a double (provided both sleeping bags are the same). I don’t want to overcrowd this Coleman Autumn Trails sleeping bag review so I’ve added a fact sheet below that will give you all the information you need.


Season Rating

Spring – Fall – Mild Winters

Best Use

A light, cheap and spacious bag for big guys and girls on casual backpacking or camping trips.


Clips into place as you roll it up. Easy, quick and stress free to pack. Coleman Autumn Trails sleeping bag not much bigger than a standard length of sleeping bag, so if the extra room is important to you, it won’t come at the sacrifice of your backpack space.

Materials and Durability

A good zipping system can’t completely make up for the low-cost polyester exterior. It’s not likely to last forever, but that shouldn’t put you off at this price. Synthetic insulation is better during wet camping conditions than down and this bag will definitely come in handy when it’s pouring outside.


Of course, Coleman Autumn Trails sleeping bag is too heavy for hardcore lightweight backpackers at 4 pounds. That said, for most of its users, carrying it around won’t be all that strenuous. Extra space without a slight weight gain will cost you a lot more than this budget bag.


You’re paying for comfort and not for high-quality. Use it optimally between 40-60 degrees outdoors, or for indoor use it’s perfect in any season. Don’t take it to the North Pole – seriously!


This bag is value for money considering the competition, but it lacks the flexibility of use that comes with a more expensive sleeping bag. It’s a large sleeping bag for taking it easy on a camping trip, backpacking, RV stay or road trip. Hope you found this Coleman Autumn Trails sleeping bag review helpful as much as I found the bag itself cozy!

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