Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag

Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag

When we prepare to head into the coldest weather for a camping or hiking trip, choosing appropriate gear is critical to its success. This Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag review aims to give you a bit more info about comfort and usability of one of Coleman’s warmest (and bulkiest) sleeping bags.

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This is a 0 degree Fahrenheit-rated sleeping bag. Of course, a budget-minded synthetic filled 0-degree bag comes with a few drawbacks, there’s no way around that. This sleeping bag is large and if you’ve got a backpack smaller than 50L, it’s going to be a no-go. You’ve also got the problem of weight. To get a sleeping bag to be comfortable at 0 degrees, you’ll either need very expensive insulation like down or high-end synthetics, or huge amounts of inexpensive synthetic insulation. Coleman opted for the latter on this bag.

With polyester insulation and a polyester ripstop shell, it’s a full-synthetic bag, meaning it’s likely to outperform down-filled bags in wet conditions. Polyester is a great material for wicking away water and it’s more UV resistant than nylon (the other common sleeping bag material). The only downfall is that polyester isn’t quite as strong and tear-resistant as nylon which means you’ll need to take good care of your equipment – no rough use!

Coleman gets some props for using a ripstop grid polyester, though, because it improves the overall strength and durability of the bag’s outer shell. Read the rest of this Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag review to learn more about its usability, durability, and limitations.


Season Rating

Winter Season – early spring – late fall

Best Use

Campground trips or car camping trips in sub-freezing weather for the budget minded outdoorsman.


This particular bag is constructed with bulky polyester insulation. On top of that, the stuff sack is not a compression sack (which would help to pack down the bag). For those reasons, this bag is big when stored and not a good choice for carrying around in your backpack.

Materials and Durability

I mentioned this a little earlier, but the polyester outer shell, while inexpensive to produce, is weaker than the alternative nylon.  You’ll need to be extra careful when handling it but that doesn’t mean it won’t last.


Coleman doesn’t disclose the weight of the bag which is immediately a red flag to me for a sleeping bag. This usually means the bag is pretty heavy.’s shipping weight is listed as 6.1 lbs or 97.6oz, which means that this isn’t a sleeping bag you’ll want to lug around on your back for hours.


This bag is going to be useful in extremely cold weather. It will become uncomfortably warm and sweaty during late spring, summer, and early fall use. You’d be well advised to keep this sleeping bag only for car camping or close-to-home trips where the weight and bulk won’t be an issue in your backpack.


While I wouldn’t recommend this bag for hiking, it is a great choice for cold and showy nights in the wilderness. It would also be an acceptable choice for cold weather RV camping, campground use, or car camping trips. Budget sleeping bags have their place and I hope this Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag review helps you make a more informed purchasing decision.

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