Emarth Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Review

Emarth Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Review

This Emarth Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping Bag was designed for those campers that love to experience the great outdoors in very cold, freezing, or below freezing temperatures.  Ideal for campers enjoying 22 degrees Fahrenheit or below, this bag will keep you warm no matter the conditions nature throws your way.

However, while this bag is made to keep you warm in cold weather conditions, it is of a larger size and weight than many bags that you’ll see on the market.  Weighing in at 5.4 pounds, you will likely feel this bag in your backpack, especially if you’re planning to hike to your campsite.  Additionally, while the compression bag does a great job of making the sleeping bag smaller, it still will feel noticeably large and will take up a significant amount of room in your pack.

Though if keeping warm is your priority, you may want to consider being willing to carry this heftier bag.  This sleeping bag does a great job of making you comfortably warm, no matter the winter conditions you approach.  All this, and at a relatively affordable price for an extreme cold weather bag.

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Cold weather bag; created for 41 to -22 degrees Fahrenheit, with an ideal temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit; not made or designed for warmer weather months


Best used in very cold weather conditions; this sleeping bag is of a heavier weight, so it is not suggested for long hikes if the weight of the bag will impact your experience


While this bag does come with a compression style stuff sack, it will still be of a relatively large size compared to other bags on the market once packed.  It is also not incredibly easy to get the bag back in the stuff sack, meaning that this bag may not be your best option if you are committed to moving from campsite to campsite each day.


100% Polyester double layer construction with goose down fill and metal zipper pulls; very durable with no major issues beyond normal wear and tear


This bag weighs in at 5.4 pounds when packed – definitely not the lightest cold weather sleeping bag on the market.  However, this Emarth Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is definitely developed for the camper that is more concerned with being warm than packing light, as you will be rewarded for carrying your heavier bag with a warm night of sleep.


While this bag will keep you warm in cold temperatures, it is not recommended for warm weather camping, as it will likely end up leaving you too toasty to get a good night’s sleep.  While the material of this bag will leave you warm and dry in inclement weather, this sleeping bag is also not designed for long hikes, unless you are prepared to carry this heavier, larger bag for a long duration of time.


This Emarth Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is perfect for the person that is committed to getting an extremely warm sleeping bag at a relatively affordable price.  While it is a much heavier and larger bag than many of the sleeping bags in the category, this Emarth Sleeping Bag definitely lives up to its promises and is certain to keep you warm in extremely low temperatures.

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