Eureka! Solitaire – Hiking Tent

Eureka! Solitaire – Hiking Tent

Eureka! Solitaire Tent is a tent for every hiker who wants low price and high quality. Eureka! Solitaire Tent is extremely light but also very durable and comfortable. It is also well ventilated and has a mesh roof which is perfect if you enjoy watching the night sky without being bothered by mosquitos.

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When packed, this tent weighs only 1, 2 kg; Dimensions when packed: 10 x 45 cm
Floor dimensions 81 x 244 cm

One person

Fiberglass frame, nylon pole sleeves, mesh taffeta, and nylon covering.

3 Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall

Solo hiking, camping trips, hunting

If you’re planning on enjoying your stay in nature alone this tent is the best choice for you. Its weight won’t get in your way; you are going to forget you’re even carrying it. It is easy to set up so it is also great for beginners. This tent can be used in almost all weather conditions, but it it reaches its full potential in summer and spring when the temperatures are high enough for you to sleep with the nylon covering rolled up because that way you can enjoy one of the great things this tent has to offer unlike many other tents: mesh roof! You can look at the stars which can be especially beautiful in summer during meteor showers. Of course, this does not mean that this tent will not give you maximum protection from the rain and cold weather, quite the contrary.


Eureka! Solitaire Tent is a double walled tent and those walls are attached to one another, which makes it easier to erect. The frame is shock corded for quick and easy set up. This tent is beginner friendly and anyone could assemble it and also take it down in a matter of minutes and effortlessly.


This tent is small, so it is mainly used for sleeping. It isn’t high enough for you to sit in, but there’s plenty of room in the tent so you don’t have to worry about your backpack your sleeping bag. The mesh will keep the insects away and it will also provide excellent ventilation while the covering will keep you warm in cold nights and also keep you away from the sun during hot summer days.


Eureka! Solitaire Tent is very durable thanks to its fiberglass frame. Nylon pole sleeves additionally secure the stability of the tent. Internal wall of mesh protects you from insects and is also see- through so you can enjoy the night sky. The external nylon wall protects you from extensive sun heat, rain and wind but it also keeps you warm during cold nights. All of the materials used for this tent are very durable and will serve you perfectly for many years.


The poles can sometimes break, but you can buy aluminum poles for this tent just to be safe.


This tent is beginner friendly but it is also part of the equipment of many professional hikers because its ease of set up gives them more time to enjoy nature. It is durable and it has an excellent price to service ratio. The best thing about this tent is that it gives you the opportunity to look at the stars without insects bothering you. So, if you are looking for a great tent that doesn’t cost much, if you enjoy the night sky and if you want excellent protection from bad weather then congratulations, you’ve found it! Eureka! Solitaire – Tent is the tent you’ve been looking for!

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