First Gear Cliff Hanger Tent – Single Tent

First Gear Cliff Hanger Tent – Single Tent

First Gear Cliff Hanger 1 person Camping Backpacking Tent is a great tent for solo hikers. You can easily carry it due to its light weight. It sets up in under ten minutes and provides a perfect cover for solo hikers.

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When packed, this tent weighs only 1, 5 kg; Dimensions of the package: 11 x 13 x 109 cm
Floor dimensions 200 x 74 cm

One person

‘No-see-um’ mesh, fiberglass poles and aluminum stakes, polyurethane taffeta.

3 Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall

Solo hiking, camping trips, hunting

There is nothing more annoying than having to drag a heavy tent when you’re trying to enjoy nature to its fullest. You will love this tent’s light weight along with its small package which leaves extra room in your backpack for your hammock and other essentials.


This tent is extremely easy to set up, making it a perfect choice for both inexperienced campers and hikers who dislike arm-wrestling their gear.  Thanks to the fiberglass poles, it only takes a couple of moments to assemble it which leaves you more time to do some extra hiking, barbecuing, reading a book or just relaxing. Another great thing is that the instructions are sewn in so you can’t lose them. It is equally easy to take it down.


This tent is small, so it is mainly used for sleeping. Thanks to the vestibule it has some extra space so you can stretch your legs or store your gear. It has great ventilation due to its ‘no-see-um’ mesh and 2 air vents. It can withstand rain and it will also protect you from the wind.


The ‘no-see-um’ mesh will secure a constant flow of fresh air, providing better ventilation. Its polyurethane taffeta will protect you from the rain and other hostile weather conditions. There are also 2 air vents for constant air flow. The fiberglass poles and aluminum stakes are the reason this tent is so durable yet so light, they are also the main reason it is so easy to erect and take down. All materials are vetted and top-notch and this tent is definitely a piece of camping gear you will be able to hold on to for a long time.


The only limitation it has is that it can get a little chilly inside during cold nights so make sure you pack your sleeping bag.


This tent is light, small and simple. It is perfect for solo. Even though it is beginner friendly, it is also a great choice for experienced hikers. So, if you are in need of a light weight 1 person tent that is easy to set up First Gear Cliff Hanger 1 person Camping Backpacking Tent will fit your requirements perfectly.

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