Lightspeed Outdoors Kids Fort Pop-Up Play Tent – Children’s Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Kids Fort Pop-Up Play Tent – Children’s Tent

Everyone cherishes their beautiful childhood memories. A smile comes to our face when we remember wonderful things we experienced as kids, for example a friend’s birthday party, a tasty cake grandma made one time when we were five years old, family trips and many other amazing experiences. With Lightspeed Outdoors Kids Fort Pop-Up Play Tent with Tunnel Entrance your children will create plenty of new beautiful memories which they will hold dear forever.

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When packed, this tent weighs 1 kg; 122 x 122 x 99 cm
Floor dimensions 122 x 122 cm


Polyester tent walls and waterproof PE floor with UPF 50+ protection, tunnel flap hold open and closed with attached Velcro, top-pull hub-system and integrated poles.

3 Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall

Camping trips, playtime

Whether your children like to stay indoors or go outside, this tent is the best choice because it will serve as a great secret castle in their room and it will create shade outside, protecting your kids from the sun. You can carry it to the beach not worrying about sunburns. Additionally, your kids will love its vivid colors.


This tent is incredibly easy to set up, so if your kids are big enough, they can assemble it by themselves. It is equally as easy to take it down.


This tent is big enough for three or more children, depending on their age. It has many air vents that provide a continuous flow of fresh air inside the tent. Another great thing about this tent is that you can attach a tunnel so that your toddlers can have an even better time. The tunnel is sold separately but we highly recommend it and you will be glad you bought it once you see the smile on your kids’ faces. They will absolutely adore it.


With these polyester tent walls and waterproof PE floor you won’t have to worry about your kids spilling juice and chocolate milk all over the tent because it is easily cleaned. All you will need is a piece of damp cloth and three minutes of your time. The materials have a UPF 50+ protection so you needn’t worry about kids getting sunburns. Wide front door and tunnel flap are perfectly designed for easy entrance and exit. Top-pull hub-system and integrated poles make it quick and easy to set up and take down this tent. This tent is extremely durable as it was designed for children.


Some customers have stated that the tent was too small, so it fits only one child, but it all depends on the size of the child. But, all of the customers were astonished by the durability of the tent.


This is a perfect tent for your kids. They will love the colors and the shelter it provides, it will be their fortress, and you will love how easy it is to clean up and the fact that it keeps your children safe from sunburns. It is great to relax for a while, knowing that your kids are safe playing in their favorite place in the world- the tent. They will surely create some new beautiful memories that they will cherish forever and you will have some free time while they are playing.

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