Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent – Family Tent

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent – Family Tent

If you have a big family or many friends and maybe some pets, and you all love camping, Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Person tent is the best choice for you. You will love how spacious and well-designed it is.

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When packed, this tent weighs 9,6 kg; 46 x 16 x 25 cm
Floor dimensions 549 x 305 cm

10 persons

Nylon covering, shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin-and-ring system, 2 large D-style doors, patented hooped fly frame.

3 Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall

Hiking, camping trips, hunting

This tent has everything you need. It is huge and it will protect you from the wind, heavy rain and sun. You will be amazed at how many people can fit in it, but not just people, their things too: backpacks, gear, sleeping bags and everything. You can bring your pets too; everyone will have their place in this spacious tent.


Thanks to the shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin-and-ring system it is very easy to set this tent up. One or two people can assemble and disassemble this tent easily in 10 minutes time thanks to stow ‘n’ go duffel technique which allows easy set up. But, if you are a beginner camper or you are erecting this tent for the first time, we recommend not wait until dark to assemble this tent. Start assembling it at least an hour before dark, just in case.


This tent‘s central height is 193 centimeters, making it high enough for the majority of people to be able to stand in. It has great ventilation tanks to mesh roof vents and windows, so even at night when you close the door you will have a constant flow of fresh air so you will be able to sleep comfortably. This tent can fit up to 10 people and their gear. It is amazingly spacious. The most important requirement a tent must meet is impermeability, and this tent meets it- it is waterproof so you needn’t worry about rain leaking in your tent.


Nylon covering is an excellent material used in tent industry. It is highly waterproof so rain will pose no problems. It is also very durable so breaking and tearing is not an option for this one. Shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin-and-ring system was specially designed to alleviate erecting this tent. So, thanks to it, and also to stow ‘n’ go duffel technique, your tent will be assembled in ten minutes and disassembled in even less.


Some of the customers have complained about the stakes being too fragile, so you might want to buy sturdier ones. Since this is such a great tent it would be smart to invest in better poles if you want to use it for many years. Other than that, this is an amazing tent, and the fact that the poles might not be so amazing shouldn’t keep you from buying it.


All in all, if you are looking for an amazing, spacious tent that will replace your home while you’re on a vacation, Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Person is the perfect choice! It will meet all your requirements and you will love its design and durability.

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