Mountain Trails Twin Peaks Tent – Large Tents

Mountain Trails Twin Peaks Tent – Large Tents

Mountain Trails Twin Peaks  Person Tent is an amazing tent, ideal for camping with your partner or for small families. With this tent, you can camp carelessly and enjoy nature to its fullest.

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When packed, this tent weighs 2.8 kg; 13 x 13 x 86 cm
Floor dimensions 213 x 213 cm

3 persons

Polyester mesh windows, welded polyethylene floor, shock-corded fiberglass poles, and polyester covering.

3 Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall

Hiking, camping trips, hunting

This tent is perfect for camping with your family: your kids will love it. You can let them help you assemble the tent because the tent is so easy to erect and they will have a great time. This tent is durable and firm, it can withstand heavy rain and wind thanks to its waterproof materials (polyethylene and polyester are well known materials in tent industry thanks to their great properties).


This tent is very beginner friendly. It takes only minutes to assemble effortlessly, making it a perfect choice for inexperienced hikers or parents with small kids who don’t have a lot of time for setting up a tent.


Due to its polyester covering, this tent offers you an excellent protection from bad weather such as wind and rain; it will keep you and your kids safe and dry. Its polyester mesh windows will allow the flow of fresh air through the tent. It is only 1.2 meter high so it’s meant for sleeping or sitting. Its welded polyethylene floor will serve as comfortable ground for sleeping and it will keep the water out. The tent can fit 3 people, but if you want to be more comfortable it is recommended to be used by 2 adults or two adults and a child simultaneously.


This tent has fiberglass poles that are light to carry and make a stout and stable base of this tent. Polyethylene used for the flooring and polyester used for the covering and the windows are extremely durable, water-resistant and strong materials that will keep you safe and last for many years. The mesh provides excellent ventilation so you’ll always have fresh air in the tent.


Some users have stated that it is a bit too small for 3 adults, so you can use it for 2 adults, two adults and a child or 3 children.


Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3 Person Tent is truly an outstanding tent. Its durability will amaze you. Whether you are going camping with your partner or with your family this tent will definitely be the place where great memories are created and while you’re having fun it will keep you safe, warm and dry.

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