Ozark Trails Tent Review – 10 Person Tent

Ozark Trails Tent Review – 10 Person Tent

This Ozark Trails tent is an outdoor, family-sized tent that was created to provide all the space you and your family are going to need. It comfortably fits up to three queen-sized mattresses with optional room dividers to make this tent three separate rooms. Being about 6 feet tall, this tent even provides plenty of space for most people to comfortably stand.

The negatives of this tent are related to the materials not being of the highest quality. It is not made of rip-stop nylon and the poles bend fairly easily, meaning this tent may not handle high winds or extremely rough weather well.

However, what this Ozark Family-Sized tent lacks in material, it makes up for with convenience and an extremely easy set up process. While it’s not a pop up tent, it’s very simple to put together in about 15 minutes with two adults, and takes the same amount of time to take down. Read the rest of this Ozark Trails Tent review (10 person) to learn more about its usability, durability, and limitations.

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Ozark Trails 10 Person Tent Review

31.4 pounds
11.6 x 12 x 27.5 inches

7+ (10 including children)

Poly taffeta, fiberglass, PE, steel

3 season – Does not handle high winds well

Family camping in fair weather

One thing that we would like to emphasize in this Ozark Trails Tent review is that – like most Ozark tents – this tent is surprisingly easy to set up and take down, considering its size. With two adults, setup and takedown should take around 15 minutes; one person may take closer to 30 minutes. Children would be able to set up this tent with some assistance from an adult.

This tent is big enough to fit 7 adults comfortably, or 10 individuals if some children are included. The room dividers are optional, meaning that you can separate this tent into three rooms, or you can leave it as one large open space. There are three separate entrances should you decide to divide the tent space, as well. The six windows on the perimeter of the tent provide ideal ventilation on warm nights, as well as large panoramic views if you should decide to leave the tent as open space.

Unfortunately, the Ozark Trail 10 Person tent is not the most durable in the family-sized tent category. While it does fare well in the rain, the poly taffeta siding does have the potential to puncture easily and the poles may bend in high winds.

This Ozark Trails tent should withstand winds up to around 20 mph. If you intend to use it in rougher weather, you may want to consider getting larger stakes than what come with the tent purchase. You’ll want to be able to anchor the side entryways with some larger stakes so that the sides don’t collapse.

In the end, Ozark Trail 10-Person XL Family Cabin Tent is perfect for the family that wants space and comfortness. With plenty of room for up to three queen-sized mattresses and optional room dividers to make this tent into three rooms, your family will love having both space and privacy in this Ozark Trail family-sized tent. We hope this Ozark Trails Tent review helped you to make up your mind – it’s a great tent if you have a big family, you just have to make sure you’re camping in the right conditions to use it!

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