Quechua Easy 2 1 Person Tent – Single Tents

Quechua Easy 2 1 Person Tent – Single Tents

Solo hikers absolutely adore Quechua Easy-2 1person popup tent because of its light weight and ease of set up. You will be amazed at how easy it is to assemble this tent and it will leave extra room in your back pack for that book you were planning on reading. It is highly waterproof so you won’t have to worry about bad weather getting in your way of enjoying your stay in nature.

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When packed, this tent weighs 2.6 kg; 60 cm diameter disc, 9 cm thick
Floor dimensions 210 x 85 cm

1 person

PU-coated polyester fly sheet, and 120g/m² polyethylene groundsheet, breathable bedroom fabric with 1 upper ventilation flap at the back, 2 low side flaps, breathable polyester inner tent under the flysheet, and fiberglass poles.

3 Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall

Solo hiking, camping trips, hunting

One important thing, among many others, that we can trust Quechua with is the label ‘waterproof’. They do not joke about it. All of Quechua’s tents have passed laboratory tests. This tent can withstand an amazing amount of 2 liters per hour on one square meter of surface! One of the most crucial features when buying a new tent is impermeability, because rain is not just annoying but potentially dangerous.


We don’t have much to explain here, pop up tents are usually easy to set up, this one is no exception. It takes 15 seconds to erect it and 2 minutes to take it down, it requires almost no effort and you will love it for that. It will leave you a lot of free time to spend enjoying yourself and having fun instead of sweating in the sun assembling the tent.


This tent is 94 centimeters tall so it was designed for sleeping because the average person is too tall to sit, let alone stand, in it. But it fulfills the basic purpose that every tent has and that is to provide a comfortable place for the user to sleep in. The tent fabrics block over 98% of UVB and 80 to 95% of UVA rays and are also very waterproof. Breathable bedroom fabric with 1 upper ventilation flap at the back, 2 low side flaps provide a continuous airflow in the tent. A breathable polyester inner tent under the flysheet keeps away condensation, which, as we all know, can be a huge pain in the neck.


Quechua always double-checks if their tents are waterproof. All of their tents have passed laboratory tests and they will not let you down. PU-coated polyester fly sheet and 120g/m² polyethylene groundsheet will keep water away from your tent at all times. Those materials can withstand 200mm/h of rain for 4 hours, and that is truly wonderful! Fiberglass poles are amazingly flexible and durable; hence they make a stunningly strong base of this tent. This is a real high quality tent and it will serve you for many years.


This tent has literally no limitations even though some users have stated that it is a bit pricey, but being of such high quality, its price is perfectly reasonable.


All in all, this tent is a perfect choice whether you are planning your first solo camping or you are an experienced hiker in search of a new tent. Quechua Easy-2 1person popup tent will not let you down. It will efficiently protect you from the rain, wind, sun and insects. It has all the best traits in a tent. You can rely on it in all weather conditions.

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