Quechua2 Seconds XL AIR III Pop Up Tent – Large Tents

Quechua2 Seconds XL AIR III Pop Up Tent – Large Tents

Whether you are an experienced hiker or just a beginner, Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Seconds XL AIR III, 3 Man is a perfect tent for you! Pop up tents are great because you don’t have to spend time and energy setting them up or taking them down – they practically assemble on their own. Quechua is one of the leading tent manufacturers and all of their tents are laboratory tested, so when they are labeled ‘waterproof’ that really means something!

When packed, this tent weighs 5 kg; 94 cm diameter disc, 13 cm thick
Floor dimensions 295 x 210 cm

3 persons

PU-coated 2000mm polyester fly sheet, and 120g/sqm polyethylene groundsheet,breathable polyester inner tent; fabric flysheet filters UV rays with a SPF of 30; fiberglass poles.

3 Seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall

Hiking, camping trips, hunting

The best thing about this tent is that it is waterproof, and when Quechua labels its product ‘waterproof’ they really mean it. All of their tents have passed laboratory testing. This one can withstand no less than 2 liters per hour on one square meter of surface, which is amazing! This is a tent on which you can definitely rely on under all circumstances.


This tent will not give you headache when it comes to setting it up. It is really easy to erect, and when we say ‘easy’ we really mean ‘a child could assemble it in 10 seconds’. It is equally as easy to take it down, so no worries here either.


Its 117 centimeters of height do not suffice for standing in it, but it is more than big enough for sleeping, which is the essential purpose of every tent. Its mosquito net will protect you from insects which, as we all know, can be a huge pain in the neck. The tent’s SPF of 30 will prevent sunburns and the inner tent will shelter you from that annoying condensation.


The best trait of the materials used for this tent is that they are extremely waterproof. PU-coated 2000mm polyester fly sheet, and 120g/sqm polyethylene groundsheet are both remarkably waterproof and highly durable. The breathable polyester inner tent will keep the condensation away. The fabric flysheet filters UV rays with a SPF of 30 and that is very important during summer. Mosquito nets will be your strongest allies when battling insects. Fiberglass poles are reliable even in strong wind. All of the materials used for this tent are exceptionally durable.


Some users have stated that this tent cannot sleep 3 large persons, so it is better for 2 people.


All in all, if it’s your first time camping we assure you that this tent won’t let you down, and if you are an experienced camper you already know that. So, if you don’t want to gamble, a great tent such as this one made by an established manufacturer is a perfect choice. It will save you a lot of time setting it up and taking it down and you’ll have more time to enjoy nature, read a book or spend time with your friends and family.