Sure Luxury Kids Play Tent Review

Sure Luxury Kids Play Tent Review

This is a Sure Luxury indoor or outdoor play tent made for children’s playtime.  However, while incredibly low-priced compared to many other kids play tents, this tent does come with a few drawbacks.  For one, the poles are not incredibly strong and have the tendency to bend easily.  Additionally, the fabric on the sides of the tent is a bit too thin and has the potential to tear during play time.

The main pluses of this tent are how lightweight and easy to set up it is compared to other children’s play tents.  It weighs in at a very light 1.6 pounds when put into its nylon carrying bag. It’s easy to bring this tent outside when the weather gets nice, or back inside after playtime is complete for the day.  With perforated windows and doors, fresh air can easily flow in and out of this tent, making it ideal for outdoor playtime in nice weather.  Though I do not recommend leaving this tent outdoors continuously.

Overall, while there are some negatives to this tent, such as the flimsy material and tent poles, it fits my expectations for the quality that I would expect for the very affordable price. You can find details and specifics of this Sure Luxury play tent review below.

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Weight when packed is 1.6 pounds

147 x 147 x 120 cm




Nylon floor, walls, and storage bag with a fiberglass PU Coated pole system


Indoor all year – outdoor in summer or spring during play time


Kids indoor playtime or outdoor playtime in nice weather


This tent is designed for continuous use during play, rather than for packing up on a regular basis.  While it has a fairly easy set up process, tear down process, and packability into the nylon storage bag, it would not be incredibly comfortable to carry for an extended period of time.

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