Winterial Single Person Tent Review

Winterial Single Person Tent Review

This Winterial 3-season single person tent is ideal for the backpacker that loves to explore.  Created to keep one individual dry and protected from the elements, this tent is perfect for the person that wants to cut weight from their pack with an affordable, light-weight tent option.

While this tent does perform well for its intended purpose, it is not designed for comfort or for more than one person.  This Winterial tent was created primarily for hikers and those wanting to hit the trails, rather than for those interested in lounging in their tent for several hours during the day.  Also, be aware that this is not a freestanding tent, so it may not be best for those sleeping on rocky terrain.

If staying dry and backpacking is your priority, then this Winterial single person tent is ideal for you.  It performs well in most weather conditions and is very affordable compared to many options in the category.  For the right person, this tent would be a fantastic purchase.

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3-season tent; while this Winterial tent was not designed for the winter, it does get relatively warm quickly in the evenings, so it would work well if the weather is not extremely chilly.


Best used by individual hikers that are interested in a light-weight tent that is easy to pack; not freestanding, so best used where you know you’ll be able to use tent stakes.


This tent comes with a stuff sack that easily fits into most backpacking backpacks; the stuff sack is not a carrying pack, so you will want to plan to include it in your pack.


Pre-sealed seams and durable rain-fly for enhanced waterproofness, aluminum poles.  This tent is very durable, especially for how affordable it is compared to the category.  However, if you predict being in inclement weather, you may want to consider getting a footprint for the floor, as the floor material is a bit thin.


At 2.9 pounds, this tent is one of the lightest on the market and is perfect for backpackers.


While this Winterial tent was designed for backpackers, it was not designed for people that expect to lounge in their tent during the day, as it is not a tent that was not built for comfort.  Additionally, this tent was only built for individuals up to 6 feet tall, so you may want to look elsewhere if you are of a taller stature.


This Winterial single person tent is perfect for the person that is committed to hitting the trails with an extremely lightweight, durable tent at a relatively affordable price.  While it is not the most comfortable single person tent on the market, this Winterial tent definitely lives up to its promises.

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